Interview with Broadway Actress Lilly Dennis

Lilly Dennis is an internationally acclaimed actress in both TV, film and theater. Coming from the small island of Tasmania, Ms. Dennis is currently taking Hollywood and Broadway by storm and creating projects that leave us in awe of this young talented actor. We recently sat down with Lilly and had some questions to ask her.


So, you have just come off a long run on Broadway with your show, Chocoholic, what was the most rewarding part of the experience?

Lilly Dennis: I would have to say the most rewarding part was being able to use the show to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Hospital. All the ticket sale profits went straight to helping St. Jude and their fight to end child cancer. This is an organization very close to my heart, so I was really thrilled that I was able to put this together.


For you, how do you pick and choose your projects?

Lilly Dennis: Honestly now I am at the point where I get to pick and choose, I definitely make that decision based on the script and the creative team attached. In a time when so there is so much to talk about and so much glorified in the press, I make this decision based on whether telling this story will serve a purpose that can help inflict change; that’s how I pick my projects.


Interview with Broadway Actress Lilly Dennis

What would you say is the best lesson you have learnt on set?

Lilly Dennis: I would say, never taking anyone or anything for granted. Everyone on a set has an extremely important job and all of us need to perform often under harsh working hours and very quickly to get the job done. As an actor it’s very easy to see your job as the most important and a lot of actors I have worked with have acted this way. I know that my job is just as important as everyone else’s and doing my job to the best ability I can is helping everyone else do the same.



You have worked with many well-known actors and directors, what is some of the best advice you have ever been given?

Lilly Dennis: A director I worked with on a movie once told me, “To make a very good film you need two things, a story and a life to live it. You’re the life in this story, so go breathe life into it.” I think about that every time I start a new project, it has always stuck with me and probably always will.


If you could do any project to do next, what would it be?

Lilly Dennis: Well I have done a lot of theater recently and a lot of film. I would love to work in a situational comedy next or who knows. I am open to anything as long as the message and story serve a purpose and put forward an important message into our current world.


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