Meet the CEO & Founder of Choosing Nursing: Nurse Chioma Okeke

Nurse Chioma Okeke is coaching and empowering nurses around the globe. The founder of Choosing Nursing is a seasoned Registered Nurse who works with Graduate Nurses to help them pass the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX). For Chioma, nursing school was one the most challenging experiences in her life and transitioning into the profession was even more daunting. She struggled, had setbacks, doubts and frustrations that led her to question if she wanted to continue the pursuit. True to her upbringing, she remained resilient and passed the NCLEX within four short weeks of completing her program. She started her career providing critical care to patients at hospitals in lower income areas.

Chioma’s teaching style is impressive and unparalleled. For those who have struggled to pass the NCLEX, she offers a perspective that shows graduates it’s never too late. The curriculum is unique with its strategy and storytelling, and is curated for each participant. Named the Solid Steps to NCLEX Success program, it prepares students to pass their exam with ease and often on the first try.

Through Choosing Nursing, Nurse Chioma is deeply impacting the nursing field on a scale bigger than she ever dreamed.

US Mag : Tell us a little bit about yourself. Your background, education etc. ??

I was originally born in Nigeria and moved here to the United States at the age of 3 with my family. I grew up most of my life in California. After high school, I went to college and graduated from San Diego State University with my Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing degree in May 2010. I have mainly lived in Southern California for most of my life and then I moved to Atlanta, GA for business in December 2017.


US Mag : How would you describe your teaching style? Where do you pull your inspiration from ?

I would say my teaching style is a unique simplified approach that takes real world examples that most people already know and then use that to teach what I want to explain. For example, if someone has a background as a football player, what I would do is take concepts from football and apply it to let’s say nursing to help them understand a new concept. I create strong examples that my students can relate to, in order to help them grasp difficult concepts. I try to break down big words and make them simple. My biggest inspiration is honestly the people I help/teach. I try to understand how they think so I can explain the information in a way they will understand.


US Mag : You did a couple of podcast episodes in the past ‘ TobiTalks ‘ & ‘Outcomes Rocket: World’s Best Healthcare Leaders’, can you please share your experience with our readers ?

It was awesome! The first one I did was the Outcomes Rocket and I enjoyed that experience because I was able to talk about nursing as a whole and just explaining the nursing shortage from different angles/perspectives. The audience I was speaking to for that podcast was more so towards other healthcare leaders. I also really enjoyed the TobiTalks podcast experience because I was able to talk about the NCLEX exam specifically and speak to the hearts of those in nursing school and who have graduated from the program. That was a fun experience because it reminded me of the emotional challenges many graduates experience from not passing their exam, so having that opportunity to speak life towards their situation was awesome.


Podcast: TobiTalks
Episode 14: How to Choose Nursing after Failing the NCLEX Aired July 2018

Podcast: Outcomes Rocket: World’s Best Healthcare Leaders
OR045 We Need More Nurses! with Nurse Chioma, CEO and Founder of Choosing Nursing


US Mag : At what point did you decided to become the founder of Choosing Nursing ?

It was around June 2015 when I actually decided to really get serious and establish Choosing Nursing and create the name and brand.


US Mag : Any up coming plans as coaching and empowering nurse?

Yes absolutely, I am planning on speaking at the National Nurses Business Association Conference held in October of this year in Las Vegas, Nevada so I am very excited about that. I’m really looking forward to this experience because I will be empowering a different group of nurses in this setting which are nurses who have a desire to start and grow their own business.


US Mag : What motivates you to do your best work as a founder of Choosing Nursing ?

The people I help. Some of the emails I have received of people struggling to pass their exam is what really motivates me the most. I have had people share with me that because they can’t pass, they’re taking anxiety and antidepressant medications, JUST because of the NCLEX. Some people have told me they don’t want to get married until they pass their exam and then I have many others who have stated it’s been more than 10 years and they still haven’t passed. It breaks my heart so that motivates me all the time to put my best foot forward.


US Mag : What are your goals as a coaching nurse?

I have some pretty big goals. One of them is to help absolve the nursing shortage, by helping more graduates pass their exam. I also would like to have my own nursing school one day and also start some kind of non-profit organization to help more nurses get in and finish their nursing education. I also want to find a way to change the state of healthcare as a whole by focusing on inner healing and innovative forms of technology.


US Mag : Everybody needs time out. What do you do in your free time?

I love watching movies! I have Amazon Prime so I watch movies and tv shows on there. One of my favorite shows on there is the show called Numbers. I also like to read books and travel and then of course connect with great friends and family.


US Mag : Where do you see yourself in five to 10 years’ time ?

Great question. On a personal scale, I see myself married with children and living in a very nice house while traveling the world. Professionally, I see myself making critical decisions to help change the nursing industry. I also see myself as a philanthropist, helping to fund different charities. And then finally speaking in front of more groups of people as well as giving advice to help leave an impact in different people’s lives and the state of healthcare in America as well as around the world.


US Mag : Are you active on social media?

Yes absolutely! I’m all over social media. I believe it’s important to be active on social media. I have personal as well as business social media accounts. My business accounts are active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Youtube @ChoosingNursing. And my personal accounts are all on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Periscope and Linkedin with the same handle of @NurseChioma.




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