Falling Leaves: The Making of an Icon

By: Georgina Saddler


Julian’s story is somewhat of a fairy-tale. Born to an indigent mother in Baltimore City, Julian Kelly was placed with the state for lack of anywhere else to go and then adopted by a well-to-do family with deep musical roots. The rest is history.

Perhaps it was chance, good luck, or fantastic karma as the Buddhist monks in her inner circle might have you believe. She is a serene person: slow to anger and quick to love. Yet, in meeting Julian there is something special about her that transcends even her present-day circumstances.

“What is it like to know that a year from now, you could be a Grammy award winner?” I asked her.

Just this week, Julian’s song falling leaves was submitted to get on the official ballot for Grammy award consideration. She is signed to Majic Dragon Multimedia and credits virtually all of her success to her executive producer and mentor Donna Scott, with whom she said she feels a deep kinship. “Donna’s my musical soulmate,” Julian smiled.

“I think it takes me back to that little girl, singing into a hairbrush in the bathroom mirror. It takes me back to a time when the cool kids wouldn’t sit next to me at the cafeteria in high-school. I feel tremendously humbled.” Julian sighs.

Julian Kelly is a well-known American singer/songwriter, and can sometimes be a scant presence in the USA. She is gold-status eligible in a variety of countries and is known for her powerhouse ballads, as well as her activism within the adoptee community. An adoptee herself, Julian stresses the importance of access to original birth certificates, immigration reform, and basic kindness.

In Julian’s words, “Falling Leaves is an homage to the uncertainty of life. Some friends are like leaves that blow away the moment a strong gust of wind rushes by, and others are like the root. Those are the people who stay with us, and ultimately, they are our grace in a world filled with suffering and pain—those people are our sanctuary, they are our safety.”

Legend, Billy Contreras will be making a cameo on her song and Julian also expressed deep gratitude and admiration for what she referred to as his “musical genius”. Yet, he’s not alone.

Julian is a once is a lifetime kind of talent. I for one, hope that her branch remains steadfast and strong. Many music critics have hailed Julian as the second coming of Whitney Houston, but at the risk of sounding arrogant—in my opinion, I think we could be looking at something greater.


Falling Leaves will be available worldwide on 9/30/18.

And the world is holding its breath.



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